Who Wrestled What On The Golf Course?

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The “Gator Squad” was called this past Wednesday to remove a 600-700 pound alligator off of a golf course in Richmond, Texas. The members of River Pointe Golf Club are used to these reptiles being on their course but this one was exceptionally large.

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As you can see from the picture above, it is almost as long as an SUV and weighs about the same. They named the gator “Chubs”. Fitting since the character in Happy Gilmore, “Chubbs”, gets his hand eaten by one of these monsters. This is not the Gator Squads first rodeo either, as they have captured many gators, including another huge one they named “Godzilla”.

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This is Christy Kroboth, aka Gator Girl, who was actually the one to wrestle and capture Chubs.

“I was able to walk up to him, put a rope on him, he went into the death roll thing, tried to jump in the water, tried to take me for a little swim but all in all we were able to pull him out, pull him back on shore, calm him down,” Kroboth said.

Let’s just say this golf course was in good hands when they called the Gator Squad.