CLICKON Golf Presents: When Adorable Animals Storm The Course In Style

Sharon Wong

In light of recent events, we’ve decided to inject some TGIF cheer into your week by serving up this video of the cutest animals ever to hit up the golf course. But don’t expect them to be making birdies when they’d much rather be eating them instead. Just have fun watching them let their freak flag fly as they reclaim manicured golf courses for Mother Nature.

The wonders you never knew a corgi’s short, stumpy legs were capable of.

Corgi Gif

Two stags brawl like you and your mate after a particularly intense shit-talking session. 

Deer Gif

Invading kangaroos never need a membership to be there. 

Kang. gif

When Lindsay and Tiger repurposed a squirrel as a back massager.


This just might be how a turtle face-palms.

Turtle Gif