Pro’s Take On Happy Gilmore With The ‘Pro Tracer’

It’s been said before, the ‘Pro Tracer’ is the best thing to happen to golf since Earl Woods held  a baby in his arms and said I feel like teaching this kid to play.

We’re not a fan of instructional videos. ‘Add fifty yards to your drive by snapping your leg,’ ‘put a golf ball up your arse to cut out that fade,’ the hyperbole never ceases. But this video from the European Tour offers an insight into what the elite think about when driving a golf ball.

“Average driving distance?” asks the interviewer, “about 380,” replies the modest Tommy Fleetwood, “sometimes I take some of it off because the golf course is a bit short,” he adds. Just letting our American friends know that this is certainly a classic case of sarcasm from an English Northerner –  don’t be fooled into thinking he’s actually that arrogant.

He is joined by 24-year-old Lucas Bjerregaard, the cool Dane who has won 3 Professional events and is a very promising talent. Watch through to the end and see them hitting some Happy Gilmores on the driving range at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.