Barack Obama makes America jealous with his lavish surf vacation

Former president Barack Obama is looking pretty happy these days. Now that his tenure as the most powerful man in the country is over, what’s next for him? Kite Surfing with a billionaire, of course.

Talk about transition – since his White House departure, Barack has been living it up in the Virgin Islands with his new pal Richard Branson. Trading in his business suit for a swimsuit.

Apparently Barack is a pretty good surfer, he just gave up the hobby because Secret Service recommended he discontinue the pastime due to security issues. Now that he’s no longer Commander in Chief, he clearly has more leeway. Which he’s more than happy to take advantage of. Watch him kite-surf with Richard Branson:

In a weird way it’s kind of nice watching the bromance between Barack and Branson develop. They actually seem to really be having a good time with one another even though the country is still reeling after the result of this year’s presidential election.

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Source: Twitter












On a side note, Barack is pretty athletic. During the last 8 years he’s shown signs of possibly being a decent athlete. He’s pretty nice on the basketball court:

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He even took some time out to mentor Steph Curry and teach him a thing or two about creating the perfect jump shot:

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Mr. Obama will go down in history as one of the coolest Presidents we’ve ever had. Watching him go on vacation and celebrate his new life sans presidency is like watching an Ex happily move on without you. It’s a tough pill to swallow. In the mean time, our best bet is to prepare for more vacay pictures and unresolved feelings.

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