5 Reasons Why Rory McIlroy Will Always Be A Millennial Favorite

Rory McIlroy is by far one of the best golfers of our time, and there’s a reason he’s made it to the top of the charts as well as our hearts. These are some of the reasons why, even when it may not seem like he’s performing (even though he is), he’s still our favorite.

1. He’s An Athlete

Tiger really started the trend where golfers had to become athletic, but it’s Rory who is holding that standard to another level. He understands that being physically fit can only improve his game, and wants to push himself to his limits. Working out is a part of his lifestyle and it makes him drive the ball farther, concentrate better, and give him an edge over others. This makes woman not only want to be on him, but it makes men want to be him.


2. He’s Humble

Rory grew up in Northern Ireland where he started hitting balls far at the age of 2 and made his first hole in one at age 9. He is clearly naturally talented and yet have you ever heard him in interview boasting about it? No. His parents gave up a lot of their time to support his early career. His father worked three jobs and his mom worked extra night shifts to make sure he could really succeed in this sport. He is thankful and humble about his life and his talent and that makes him truly relatable and makes it easier for us to feel like we know him. He is definitely one of the more down to earth athletes in a slew of a**holes.


3. He Has Fun

It always seems like he is right in the mix of things, smiling and having fun. It’s nice to see when athletes enjoy themselves and don’t let the fame get to their heads. He’s not afraid to get in the middle of a crowd and take a selfie either. Whether it’s with other pros or with people like us.


4. He Enjoys Other Sports

Maybe a little too much. He did hurt himself playing soccer with friends, but even that sentence sounds so common. We’ve all been there before, where we’re rough housing with our friends playing a sport and someone gets hurt. It just happened to be a professional golfer this time, but still. Rory is a person and he reminds us of that a ton.


5. He Drinks With His Mom

We all know Rory drinks, we’ve seen the picture where he dresses up in a red wig. You don’t just put that on for shi*s and giggles.

Anyways, this is a picture of Jagermeister being poured into the Claret Jug, while Rory’s mom looks on. Rory has a history of drinking Jager but the fact that his mom approves makes it that much better. That is all.