Rory McIlroy Gatecrashes Golf’s Most Famous Warm Up Routine

Miguel Angel Jimenez’s warm up routine has become a fabled part of the European Tour pregame.

At the tender age of 51 Jimenez has defied convention and improved with age, much like a fine rioja from his country of birth. The Spaniard engages in this famous warm-up routine before every round and it’s safe to say Men’s Health won’t be picking up the phone to get a piece.

“Not bad for nearly 52,” grins Miguel, “I’m glad that GoPro isn’t somewhere else,” replies Rory, adding to the cackle of lads locker room laughter.

The Spaniard is a popular figure on tour and is rarely seen without a cigar hanging from his grinning face. He has been one of the most consistent performers in European golf, finishing outside the top 50 at the end of each season just once.