Awkward! Graeme McDowell Hits Opponent’s Mum With His Ball

That awkward moment when your mum helps out your opponent. 

Graeme Mcdowell quickly did that thing pros do when they hit it off line. He pulls a face, says something inaudible and then directs his ball with a weird driver twirl. Little did he know his ball was heading straight for his partner’s mum who was watching her son play his final round at the RSM Classic in Sea Island, Georgia. This is the second brutal spectator casualty of the week, Steven Bowditch broke a dude’s nose at the Australian Masters on Friday.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.56.54

Kevin Kisner’s mum copped it right on the ankle and even managed to deflect Mcdowell’s tee shot straight back onto the fairway. Fortunately for her the favour made no difference as her boy went on to win his first PGA TOUR event by an impressive 6 strokes.

“Kevin’s gonna be pissed. You did a good job though,” said the Northern Irishman as he apologised to the player’s mum. The most shocking thing about the whole incident is the jacket she’s wearing – it’s difficult to believe GMac didn’t see her from the tee!

This is how the field finished. McDowell looks to be finding some form as he followed up last week’s win with another strong performance. For Kisner this victory must have been a welcome relief for the man whose finished in the top 2 on five occasions in his last twenty starts.

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