This Is The Greatest Golf Shot Of All Time And Nobody Knows About It!

Charl Schwartzel’s incredible golf shot off the road on at the 2014 Volvo Golf Champions.

The internet is a funny place. Bubba Watson can flop it to 3 feet from the water and the golf world goes crazy but Charl Schwartzel lends his golf club to a supreme power and nobody takes any notice. As the comments suggest, “why does this clip not have millions of views??! ridiculous shot!” 

This clip confirms a few truths about golf. Firstly, British pundits have a limited emotional spectrum when it comes to commentary, I mean come on! A guy hits one of the best shots of all time and all you can offer up is the most placid “that’s a stunning shot from Schwartzel.” If this was in America the commentators would be fighting each other for the mic! Secondly, it doesn’t matter how good your shot is if you can’t sink the putt it doesn’t count for anything – can you believe he missed that tap in!