Jordan Spieth Takes Time Out To Inspire Kids With Trick Shots

Spieth rocks up to defend his title in Australia and finds time to inspire a bunch of mini Spieths.

It’s so hard not to like Spieth.

Being a spectator in sport can be very traumatic; Tiger proved that a wholesome and well rounded image can often be a facade for some seriously sordid and seedy behaviour.  Then there was Lance – how could you Lance! My yellow replica jersey is as deeply buried in my wardrobe as your contrition for all those wrongdoings.

Jordan’s ability is matched by his grounded personality and it says a lot about the man to make the trip across the world and add some impetus to an otherwise unimpressive field. The world number one is back to defend his title at the competition that marked the start of his phenomenal season last year.  The Australian Open celebrates its hundredth year and has a history of attracting serious golfers, Jack Nicklaus won the tournament 6 times and Gary player 8. This year is a weak field by its historical standards and many expect local boy Adam Scott to be in contention for the ‘modest’ $225,000 aussie dollars ($160,000 US) up for grabs.

Spieth treated kids to a coaching session which included some high quality showboating. They looked to be a fiery bunch with one asking if the American believed in God, “yes I do,” he replied, “Well I don’t,” responded the cheeky larrikin (mischievous young person).

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After watching Spieth you can’t help but feel there was some brand on show, I wonder what it was? It looks like Spieth is developing a following similar to the army of mini Rickies we see at every PGA TOUR event.