This New Rule Is Going To Make It Hard To Have A Quickie On The Golf Course

The USGA has started making moves in the right direction, but there is still one rule (and i’m sure many others) that make a golfers life just a bit harder.

So basically what this is saying, is that anyone who wants to get in a quick round of golf by themselves, can no longer use that score towards their handicap. Which means that people who care about sustaining their handicap score, but have no one to play with, will be very disappointed (like this guy).

They’re reasoning behind making this rule, is that there is no one to witness you actually playing that round and therefore can’t confirm that your score is accurate. We get it, USGA, you don’t like cheaters, but what about the rest of us? People who lie about their scores, aren’t going to stop just because you said they can’t play by themselves anymore.

All this is going to do is deter even more people from playing the game. The whole point of a handicap is to make the game fair for everyone, and now you’re penalizing people who don’t have anyone to play with. Aren’t we trying to grow the game of golf, not diminish it? How about you start trusting the people who are playing and not worrying about those few people who suck. The people running the show need to get with the program and just let us golfers play our game without all of these stupid rules.

Bitch, please. – Canada