Shane Warne Talks Cricket With A Visibly Bored Jordan Spieth

Australian cricket Legend was paired with the world number one at the Australian Open Pro-Am.

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Spare a thought for Jordan Spieth. Part of being a champion is that you’re wheeled around to fulfill obligations and playing with Shane Warne must have been one of them.
“It’s the start of a new bromance. I follow him on Twitter. Maybe he’ll follow me back and we’ll tweet each other,” said the Twitter obsessed Australian.

“For me, a legend like him, it’s cool to see the interaction, even with his fame and everything. He doesn’t avoid people, he embraces them, said the typically philosophical Spieth. 

“I can’t believe what a lovely man he is. We’ve been talking a fair bit,”  added Warnie, desperately trying to cement some sort of relationship – no doubt in an effort to add another big name to one of his Poker tournaments. I wonder what they discussed? Here’s a guess, Shane’s status as one of cricket’s greatest players has opened a lot of commercial doors and as an ambassador for the advanced hair studio perhaps Warnie offered some tips to the prematurely balding Spieth. Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.54.56 Warnie is a keen golfer, playing of 11 he can be found at a number of celebrity tournaments. A recent video emerged of him shanking a tee shot in the direction of a scrambling crowd of spectators. The shot was sponsored by Tag Heuer for $1 million and you literally can’t find it anywhere, my guess is that the Swiss watchmakers didn’t want to be associated with mediocre golf and had it removed – just a theory though. Warnie often finds himself in trouble on the golf course, here he is playing from the bar next to the ‘road hole’ at St. Andrews. They do say that golf can be an extension of your personality after all.


Only way to play the Road Hole @shanewarne23 !!! #FromtheBar #DunhillLinks


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