How Golf Helped Rory McIlroy Lose His Virginity

Asked what he would be if he hadn’t taken up golf, “a virgin,” quipped the Northern Irishman. The original line was first uttered  by English footballer Peter Crouch who was seen by many as the ultimate ‘reacher’ in world sport.
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Rory certainly isn’t an unattractive guy, however, we were left wondering if golf really has enhanced his appeal, beyond the obvious sexiness of having shit loads of cash. On closer inspection, it’s hard to deny that the sport has given him a certain je ne sais quoi and elevated him a couple of points out of ten. And shit loads of cash.
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1. Without golf he would still have an average rig

Rory has taken his fitness very seriously since first stepping into the weights room five years ago. He’s completely transformed himself from a podgy t-shirt-on-the-beach-wearing teenager to an absolute adonis, all in the name of golf, allegedly. His routine has given him an enviable rig and it certainly adds to the all-round package that has his suitors swooning.
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2. Without golf he would still have average teeth

Apparently a pillar of Britishness is to have really bad teeth.
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Golf doesn’t do anything to your teeth except perhaps grind them down after the occasional snap-hook. But in the case of an endorsable athlete, a dazzling smile is crucial to your marketability. Rory has certainly had work done to ensure those gnashers fit in with the aesthetic of his sponsors.
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3. Without golf he would still have an average dress sense

When everyone wants a slice of the pie you’re going to be sent some pretty sharp clobber to wear wherever you go. Because Rory is never far from the camera, his dress sense has transformed from baggie chino wearer to fashion aficionado.
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WAG proof that golfers are sport’s greatest overachievers