#Spiethmode VS. #Fowlerfrenzy. Who Will Win?

Recently a picture was taken that raises some serious questions.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 13.55.53

Do the fans of Rickie Fowler have some competition? A new fan squad is lining up and they’re behind Jordan Spieth. Lets see if the numbers add up.


Old Vs. New

The first point has to go to Fowler fans, just for being around the longest and being the most loyal. Ever since Rickie showed up wearing bright orange and flat brim Puma hats, young kids picked them up right away. Rickie has been an influence to the young generation of golfers for a long time and therefore he gets this one over Jordan.


J: 0 // R: 1


Under Armour Vs. Puma

Under Armour has been growing recently, and is becoming as commonly known and worn as Nike. Its golf attire is based on classic looks, with blue and black undertones. Puma on the other hand doesn’t play it safe and comes at you with bright bold designs. This is a fight between sleek and cool vs. exciting and daring. Gonna have to give this one to Rickie again. He’s not afraid to make a statement and that’s awesome. Believe me, Spieth still looks damn good, but Fowler does it better.


J: 0 // R: 2


Taken Vs. Single

Fans love some drama when it comes to their favorite player. Rickie was dating Alexis Bandock for a while, which everyone loved, and then it seemed like they broke things off rather quickly. Jordan on the other hand has had a girlfriend since high school. It’s probably juicier to have your player on and off dating hot girls, but it’s also attractive to see your player staying committed to a girl. I’d say Spieth wins this one.

AP Photo

J: 1 // R: 2


Interacts With Fans Vs. Doesn’t

Both Jordan and Rickie are the most interactive players, along with Rory (maybe it’s millennial thing). Rickie is a huge supporter of The First Tee, which is an organization that teaches kids the core values of golf and relates them back to life. Jordan takes the time to impress kids with trick shots, and also has his own organization that supports kids with special needs. Honestly they both deserve a point for this one. If you are going to follow and support any player on tour, it should be one of these two.


J: 2 // R: 3


Win Vs. Lose (If Their Fans Fought)

So this isn’t really fair, because Rickie Fowler fans have age over Jordan Spieth fans at the moment. Rickie should win this anyways though because his fans are so loyal to him and would probably beat the sh** out of anyone who says otherwise. Jordan’s fan base is definitely growing every day, and as you can see, are even starting to dress like him as the Fowler fans do. I’d say these kids have pretty good role models and the pros probably wouldn’t want them fighting anyways. I’m giving this point to Rickie for the W, but all in all these fans are lucky to have such awesome golfers to root for.


J: 2 // R: 4