At 16-Years-Old Jordan Spieth Was A Comedian

Jordan Spieth’s victory speech at the 2009 Junior Rolex Player of the Year awards was top draw.

The charisma and humility that Spieth showed when he accepted this award gives you a pretty good indication of the sort of man he has become. He must have spent some time practising in front of the mirror – an item that most 16-year-old’s use for depositing zit juice (eww gross).


The young champion could charm the skin off a snake and didn’t hesitate to thank his parents, “I might still be trying to make the NBA if it wasn’t for them,” he quipped.

He also showed his sense of humour is never far from his tongue, “I want to thank Mr Nicholson for providing a rolex for everyone who makes the cut this week.” He had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand.

Spieth can do no wrong.