Former Masters Champion Breaks Course Record Whilst Hungover

We’ve all been there. That early morning tee time after a few libations the night before can be brutal. You walk into the pro shop without removing your sunglasses and pay for your buggy, loading it up with sugary snacks you just know the first few holes will not be an inspiring display of golf.

This was not the case for Aussie, Rod Pampling. After walking off the first green with a bogey and a few regrets about the previous night’s drinking his fortunes quickly changed. Ten birdies and one eagle later he’d broken the course record and played his way into the Open Championship, all in a 100 degree heat.


Pampling had met up with his former caddie for a few drinks probably thinking his Sunday showing was  just a formality.

“But my old caddie, Simon, was down from Penrith and we hadn’t seen each other in a while. And considering I was four over … I didn’t think much was going on,” said the Australian.

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What was his poison you might be wondering? “My old caddie and my caddie now, we went out and … well, I had a couple of Bundys,” said the 2008 Masters champion. In a country renowned for its compulsive word shortening ‘Bundy’ refers to Bundaberg an Australian rum “known for making Aussie men fight,” according to The Daily Telegraph.

Pampling’s coach described it as the best round he had seen from the player in 25 years. Which begs the question, will a few bundys form part of his future Sunday preparation? What a harrowing discovery this has been for the 46-year-old. Perhaps the golden bear that features on the bottle inspired him to shoot the best round of his career.

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