St. Andrews Day; Why Scotland Is The Greatest Golf Country On Earth

Well they did invent the game…

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Let’s not forget this country gave as the steam engine, bicycles, the proclaimers, telephones, televisions, penicillin and groundskeeper Willie. Golf is universally considered to be a Scottish invention and the sport adds to an enormous list of things this country has done to shape the world.

Gowf first appeared in a 1457 act of the Scottish Parliament after the King was pissed that everyone was hitting the links instead of practising their archery, lol. Thank you for golf Scotland!

It probably offers the truest golfing experience…

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You’ll hardly find anyone in Scotland taking a buggy, that’s not something you can say for other places in the world. Scotland also has an affinity for high quality caddying, head to any of the open championship venues and you could be paired with a guy called Jimmy who will offer you some Scotch accompanied with the dirtiest joke you will ever hear.

You’ll see get up like this out on the course…

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They told Donald Trump to go f*** himself…

Say what you like about Trump, some of his behaviour in Scotland has been well below par. In 2006 he built over protected sand dunes in the Menie estate he’d purchased as he completed his slightly classless mega golf resort.

Locals were angered further by Trump’s opposition to wind turbines, being a man who usually gets what he wants, he was chucked a big F-you as campaigners won and the plans went ahead.

Scotland has some of the most scenic golf available…

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Happy St. Andrews day!