You Won’t Believe What Rory McIlroy Has Just Been Valued At

In the age of super brands Rory McIlroy’s valuation is unbelievable.

The new firm that operates Rory McIlroy‘s business affairs have given him a book value of $425 million. The golfer recently set up Rory McIlroy Management services Ltd, which is headed by Donal Casey and forms part of the Northern Irishman’s plans to simplify his revenue streams.

You know you’ve made it when you’re associated with words like ‘intangible asset’.  Rory has become timeless to the point where his name is a protected trademark that has an unquantifiable value – welcome to RORY MCILROY the Brand.

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Without going into nerdy accountant detail this move will save the Northern Irishman millions in the long run. In fact the earnings potential of the star was so large he decided to swallow a bitter $25 million out-of-court settlement with Conor Ridge’s Horizon Sports Management, his former representation.

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This now means Rory is the sole shareholder of a company that deals with every aspect of his earnings outside of prize money. Cha-ching!

Rory’s competition winnings will be registered as income and taxed according to whichever country the competition is in. This is will ultimately be an insignificant part of his overall wealth, in fact the golfer recently suggested the European Tour could keep their prize money for the DP World Tour Championship. Baller!

rory money

Rory provides a place in Dubai as his address, somewhere he probably stays for about 4 weeks a year. These sorts of decisions will allow the world number 3 to maximise his earnings from the likes of Nike, Bose, Omega and Upper Deck who all endorse him.

He’s got bills he gotta pay…