The 10 Reasons Why We Actually Love Tiger Woods

We know we bash Tiger a lot, but in reality, we really love the guy. Yes he cheated on his wife (happens all the time), and supposedly has a sex problem (who doesn’t), but even those two “problems” don’t make us hate him, in fact it makes us like him more. He made the game of golf cool again by bringing it down from the “old man” stereotype to a level where it felt like anyone could play.

Tiger Woods is human! And we love him for it!


1. He Cheated On His Wife

Ok people, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m putting this as number 1 because it is the number 1 reason why people either hate him or love him. Before Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, he was basically a golf god. He could do no wrong and then this drama revealed itself and he became like every other celebrity in the media. The fact that a golfer was “breaking news” was a spectacle in itself. Nobody could get enough of Tigers sh*t and everything that came with it! The golf club to the car, the apologies, the slew of other rumors or truths, the sex therapy.. everything was gold. Tiger could no longer be the African American role model the world desperately wanted him to be, and when he fell from that pedestal he fell hard. This makes him HUMAN. We all make mistakes, we all fall and we also all get up. His transgressions are broadcasted for the world to see, like every celebrity, and unlike the rest of us. So I give this guy credit for being able to get through the sh*t he put himself through. As for being a cheater, his career afterwards is punishment enough.



2. He Started The Millennial Rise

He started it all. He made watching golf fun because of his athleticism, his skill, his charm and even his brash attitude. Before Rickie, Rory, or Jordan, there was Tiger. The field was never the same. He challenged all of the records, broke most of them, and set new ones. Thank you Tiger, for opening the gates for millennials to step through, and for growing this game we love so much.



3. His Stats Say It All

If nothing more, Tiger Woods will forever be one of the greatest golfers of all time.

PGA Tour Wins: 79 (six more than Jack Nicklaus)

Major Wins: 14 (4 less than Nicklaus)

Woods has the lowest career scoring average in PGA Tour history.

Woods has made the most career earnings of any player in PGA Tour history.

Woods was the youngest to make a Career Grand Slam (win all four professional majors)

Created the “Tiger Slam” (winning all four majors consecutively)

Woods has been Player of the Year a record eleven times.


4. He Is A Golf Icon

No one can compare to Tiger Woods, and no one has come close yet. There are great players in the field right now, but the level of skill at such a young age that Tiger had is unmatched. He was athletic, bold, fresh, and like nothing golf had ever seen before. He broke all of the rules and we love him for it.


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5. His Love Life

Other than his amazing golf skills, Tiger is known for his love affairs. That includes his actual affair, along with the other lovely women he has chosen to adorn his arm, many of which were blonde bombshells (which Tiger is now known for). We love him for being able to do whatever he wants and not caring about what other people think. Why he would cheat on his gorgeous wife, we have no idea, but he had no problem moving on. Although there are recent rumors that he wants to get back together with her.

  1. His ex-wife: Elin Woods

    (Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage)
    (Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage)
  2. Lindsey Vonnlindsey_vonn_facebook_3a
  3. Joanna JagodaTiger+Jam+III+ZRE4mb5Xihmm
  4. The slew of Tigers mistresses867f67486881ba101464f0d1ea0ebd5c_h

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6. He Has Anger Issues

Playing golf is hard. Sometimes it really f*cking sucks, no matter how good you are. A lot of players throw their clubs, but Tiger seemed to make a habit out of it. Again, Tiger made watching golf cool and throwing his clubs made it that much more interesting. People wanted to watch golf just to see what he would do that day. He also had a cursing problem, and as golf is looked at as a “gentleman’s” game, that was looked down upon. We millennials obviously don’t care about cursing, we f*cking curse all the time! When you’re at the top of your game and you hit a bad shot, it’s going to make you angry. So we definitely feel him on that.



7. He Bridged The Non Golfer Gap

He broke the barriers between golfers, golfers that didn’t watch golf, and people that didn’t golf at all. It didn’t matter who you were, you knew about Tiger Woods. He put golf on the sporting map and made it something other than “the sport that old men play”. We still have some issues with how golf should be run, and that things may need to change to keep the sport relevant, but we have Tiger to thank for getting us started.



8. He Made Golf Advertisements Cool

When you think of a golf advertisement, you’re probably picturing a Cialis commercial (that’s a pill for not being able to get it up, if you didn’t already know that).  Although they still have plenty of those commercials, Tiger made it cool for golfers to be featured on TV. Sponsors were lining up to get Tiger to sign with them, and when Nike got the deal, it was a match made in heaven. The collaboration made golf something kids wanted to try, because it looked new again! This old Nike/Woods commercial is such gold, I can’t even handle it.

9. His Brand Is Dope

He has his own brand now and it’s doing better than any other sports brand out there, because its f*cking dope! Tiger is so smart that he realized he was his own best advertisement, he didn’t need Nike anymore, and created his own logo. Not only is Tiger talented and good with the ladies, he has brains too.


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10. 400th Rank Never Looked So Good

Although Tiger has had many injuries over the course of his career, being in 400th place never looked so good. He is designing his own golf courses, opening up restaurants, trying to get on good terms with his ex and is one of the vice captains for the 2016 Ryder Cup. Whether he will win another major or not is up in the air, but there are rumors he wants to be playing in the Ryder Cup as well as leading the team. No one can deny the impact that this man has done for golf and almost all of it is positive. No matter how many “mean” articles are written about him, they’re all good for the golfing world, because it means Tiger is still relevant and people still want to hear about him.

We’re sorry Tiger, you’re just so much fun to write about! We love you!