Goliath The Alligator Fights Trespasser On His Golf Course

At Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Fla there is 15 foot gator who don’t take no shit from nobody.

Golfers photographed ‘Goliath’ as he is affectionately known, responding to a trespasser on his territory. The challenger has no known name so let’s just call him ‘uppity lil shit’. Goliath has made the news before with his territorial aggression and when he see’s some young blood waltzing onto his hard earned fairway he’s understandably pissed.

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Uppity lil shit was forced to limp off with his tail between his legs..

gators fight

Unfortunately this wasn’t caught on tape – what is wrong with these people? But here’s a clip of a similar scrap, these guys don’t mess about when it comes to violence.