Why Picking Up A Golf Club Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

  • Golf is the f*cking best.
  • You can get wasted and smoke.
  • It’s a judge free sport.
  • It can help your dating life.
  • Even babies can play golf.


You Can Drink

Having a casual beer on the golf course is not frowned upon, in fact it is actually applauded. You can bring your own cooler or grab a couple of brewskies at the clubhouse. There is no better feeling than driving around in a golf cart, hitting balls, with a nice buzz going on. If you’ve never played before, than having a beer or two will definitely loosen you up. The golf course is a place to let go and just enjoy your time being outside, while hitting a ball around and drinking a beer.


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You Can Smoke

So now that you know you can drink, does this really surprise you? We’re talking about cigars here, just FYI. Although many people hand roll their own cigars, if you catch my drift. Either way a little puff puff is allowed on the course and you’ll always see someone smoking. The 19th hole (what golfers call the bar after a round) is a great place to relax and talk about how much you just sucked, while doing just that to a cigar.



You Don’t Have To Be Good

You really don’t. You don’t have to play golf on the course either. You can go to the range, where you can smack balls for the hell of it. Most ranges are open later than the course too, so that’s a great option for a place to go after dinner on a date. Wooh a girl or guy by how far you can hit it, or show them your moves by helping them with their swing. Only the pros need to play the game well, everyone else can just have fun with it!



It’s Good For Business

Golf has formed a stereotype, where business people make deals on the course. This is no stereotype, this can actually happen, and if you know anything about the game than this can help you. If you’re good, you can impress your partner. If you’re bad, you can make your partner feel better about themselves. Each situation works in your favor and just the fact that you’re willing to go on the course gives you a leg up over someone else. It can even help you in interviews too. If the employer asks what your hobbies are, you can say golf (even if you don’t play often) and that will set you apart from the other candidates. Let golf get you ahead of the game.



Helps You De-Stress

The golf course is a place to clear your mind and let all of your worries go. Maybe throw a few clubs here and there. Pound some beers. Have some solitude. Whatever it may be, the golf course should be thought of as an oasis where nothing negative can penetrate. A 9-hole round should do the trick. LET IT GO.



There Are Fun Alternatives

Who hasn’t heard of mini golf, I mean come on. Sure it’s different than golf on the course, but there’s no better way to have fun practicing your putting. We already discussed the driving range, but what you may not know is now there are interactive driving ranges. There is this place called TopGolf, where you can now hit balls in your going out clothes and play against your friends at a club like setting. You aim for certain distances and a screen (sort of like bowling) will show you your score over your competitors. Unfortunately TopGolf is only located in the warmer states, but if you’re in the city, you can always go to Chelsea Piers, which is an indoor driving range right on the river.


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You Can Play Until You Die

It doesn’t matter if you start playing at 1, or don’t pick up a club until you’re 43. You can play this game until you can’t walk anymore, and even then there are ways of getting around the course. Seriously, I’ve seen old fogies that look like they’re about 100 still making their way to play a round. Talk to anyone that plays the game and they will tell you a way that golf has influenced their life in a positive way. Believe me, once you start playing you won’t be able to put down a club. The first thing is to pick one up. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. DO IT.



Now here’s a cute baby video to show you, you can be any age to play the game: