The 8 Moments G2 eSports Are Desperate For European Fans To Forget

No League of Legends team has been more consistent in delivering disappointment to their region than Europe’s G2 eSports, not even Team SoloMid. Continuously billed as EU’s top seed, IEM Katowice aside, G2 are yet to deliver a single satisfying result on the international stage. Their tournament failures could be accepted as poor fortune however, had it not been for the number of teeth-grinding moments that have led to the majority of European fans loathing the organisation.

After the disgrace of the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational and the embarrassment of the following World Championship, G2 eSports had a lot of work to do if they were to rebuild their tarnished reputation. The Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice provided an opportunity for the reigning EU LCS champions to re-establish some credibility internationally. After NA’s top seed Cloud9 pulled out of the competition, followed late in the day by China’s Edward Gaming, the event was G2’s best opportunity to get their hands on international silverware.

Source: ESL

Having not lost a domestic EU LCS series in over a year, the odds were heavily stacked in G2 eSports’ favour as they entered their first game against Taiwan’s Flash Wolves. The Flash Wolves proved too strong for the EU LCS champions, both in the opening game and the subsequent tournament final. IEM Katowice served to recover some ground for the G2 brand, but European fans were not left fully satisfied.

After yet another dominant – but perhaps more poignantly – humble split from G2 eSports in the EU LCS Spring, G2 head into the Mid-Season Invitational with their reputation in the strongest state it has been in since their embarrassing episode at the Shanghai event almost 12 months ago.

It has taken almost a year, but Europe’s pantomime villains have swayed the general consensus of public opinion with consistent strong performances throughout the split. That’s not to say that these moments won’t come rushing back to European fans should G2 eSports embarrass the region internationally once again:

8 Moments G2 eSports Are Desperate For European Fans To Forget

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