Earl Woods Made This Freaky Prediction About His Son’s Career

  • Tiger’s future looks uncertain after (de)press conference on Tuesday.
  • Earl Woods predicted how many majors Tiger would win.
  • Players rally behind Tiger and show their support.

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20 years ago Earl Woods made a very spooky prediction about how many majors his son would win. The comments were made in an interview with Sports Illustrated after Tiger won the 1995 US Amateur at the age of just 19.

“I’m going to make a prediction. Before he’s through, my son will win 14 major championships.”

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If Tuesday’s press conference is anything to go by this very bold prediction may well prove to be correct. Writing for the independent James Corrigan’s comments summed up how we all felt. “The physique was in tatters but at least the psyche was still intact, yet now it has followed his frame and begun to fall apart.”


Seeing Tiger’s competitive rhetoric disappear on Tuesday left us all feeling like kids discovering that Santa wasn’t real, except in this analogy it was much worse. We were woken to the sound of a drunk Santa crashing through the living room. As we crept round the door we witnessed the horror of him throwing up in our stocking whilst Rudolph stood smoking and holding back his hair. This was the brutal reality of seeing Tiger’s vulnerability, we knew his body might throw in the towel but we never expected his immortal spirit to do the same.

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“You just hope he gets healthy. I think now he really has his head around making sure that he takes his time getting back because he’s still got a lot of good years ahead of him in my mind as long as he approaches it the right way,” said a sincere Jordan Spieth when he was asked about golf without Tiger.

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There was no questioning the sincerity of  some of the other players at the Hero World Challenge. “You’ve got to hope that he comes back at a high level because we don’t want Tiger checking out of the game any time soon,” said Adam Scott. “We’re all hoping for him to make a comeback, for him to get some more gravy,” added Matt Kuchar, referring to Tiger’s comments that any win going forward would be “gravy”. Even Rocco Mediate offered some advice about how Tiger could rejuvenate his career.

Here’s to hoping Earl was wrong!