Worst Commentary Ever For Jordan Spieth’s Hole-In-One

  • Spieth makes a hole-in-one on the Par 3 2nd hole from 172 yards.
  • He’s defending the Hero World Challenge, which he won last year by 10 shots. 
  • The shot was met by the least exciting commentary in the history of any sport. It’s not even up for debate. 

jordan spieth

Hole-in-one’s should be celebrated with monumental roars, screams, shrieks and the occasional F-bomb. Does anyone realize the difficulty in getting a tiny little ball into a small hole 172 yards away with the wind blowing sidewards to make matters worse? Yes, you probably do because golf is a hard game and getting a hole-in-one is like landing on the Moon – some have done it, but the chances are you never will.

When Jordan Spieth hit his epic shot in the opening round of the Hero World Challenge, commentators on the Golf Channel Frank Nobilo and Rich Lerner failed to generated any real excitement as the ball trickled into the hole. While they likely had been informed of the shot (we were watching a repeat), there was no excuse for their lacklustre reaction. As if golf participation rates aren’t low at the best of times, if the world’s greatest player is doing miraculous things like this, surely we need to ramp up the excitement with a few high pitched screams?

This is how we should be commentating on genius plays: