Bubba Watson Tells Sports Centre To Put His Eagle In Their Top 10

  • Bubba Watson Leads the Hero World Challenge After Three Rounds.
  • The American holed out from 169-yards to walk off the 4th hole with an Eagle.

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Say what you want about Bubba, like him or not the golfer has been imperious all week. Check out this sumptuous flop shot he played on Friday. He leads the Hero World Challenge on -19 after shooting 63 and tying the course record with Paul Casey who finished two shots behind in second place.

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Bubba’s entertaining style of golf almost lets you ignore his childish behaviour on the course. His awareness of absolutely everything that’s going on around him would put predator to shame, not to mention the bizarre Jekyll and Hyde relationship he has with his bagman.

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Bubba certainly isn’t the first pro golfer to channel his frustration in a manner he feels improves his chances of playing well. Remember how Tiger used to berate himself? These guys play at a level where they need to find a way of channeling their frustration to pick themselves up.For Bubba he has to find a reason for hitting a bad shot, unfortunately for his caddie, Ted Scott, it’s normally his fault. Speaking to Golf Digest earlier this year his right hand man has some pretty thick skin. “What I quickly found out was that Bubba was very uncomfortable in social situations,” It’s difficult for him to make eye contact with people he doesn’t know. He told me he has a fear of crowds. And when we’re fearful, we do things we shouldn’t do. All the ignoring of people, the abrasiveness, the overreacting, the aggressive joking, were all defense mechanisms from being afraid of letting people know who you are.”

I respect Bubba as a golfer but it’s difficult to watch him miss putts and immediately blame the guy who has to put up with his company. There is no doubting Bubba has a sense of humour, the problem is we only see it when things are going his way. For me the measure of a man is how they behave when the chips are down, anyone can be afable when they’re on point.

Anyway, Bubba was clearly excited as he left the course and immediately tweeted to Sports Centre to put his eagle in their top 10. To be fair it was a pretty good shot.