He Helped Organise The $150,000 Rise In Membership Fees By Betraying His Friends

  • Wentworth Golf Club has been in the news for raising joining fee to £125,000.
  • New ownership could see 4,000 members ousted from the Surrey based club.
  • Lord Grabiner has been accused of betraying members after he gave legal advice.

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Last week we discussed the terrible news that one of Britain’s most renowned golf courses will have its beating heart ripped out by Chanchai Ruayrungruang . The club was bought for $209 million and controversial new plans will see membership slashed from 4,000 to 800, before banning all non-members from playing. 

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The Telegraph reports that this invidious little shit, our words not theirs, has sought the help of a man on the inside. Meet the aptly named Lord Grabiner QC.

Described as “one of the finest commercial QCs of his generation,” Grabiner was an unpaid non executive director of Wentworth when it was owned by Richard Caring. The position gave him free membership on the course, a pretty decent deal we can all agree.

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The controversy started when members were shown a summary of the advice Grabiner had given the new owners. Nigel Moss, leader of the member’s fightback, described the heartless suggestions: “He has given the legal underpinning to evict all 4,000 members. They will have to re-apply for 800 memberships and pay £100,000 as an unsecured loan for the privilege.”

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Club Captain, Michael Fleming, summed up the general sentiment perfectly, “I feel stabbed in the back by Lord Grabiner. You don’t expect an honorary member to draw up legal advice to evict all the members who have provided everything for him.” You have to ask why on earth would he get involved? he’s an inordinately wealthy man who could have just said no for the sake of the member’s morale.

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“I was just giving professional advice. My personal views are not relevant. They [the members] just don’t like the advice and I understand that,” said Lord Grabiner before pointing out that his honorary membership will be coming to an end next year. One thing is for sure, we will be keeping a very attentive eye on the nob – excuse me – ennobled Lord to make sure there is no mate-rate membership deal. At least Judas Iscariot kissed those he betrayed before f***ing them over.