Golf Bromance: Bubba Watson And Tiger Woods

  • Bubba Watson wins Hero World Challenge
  • Tiger and Bubba have similar antics 
  • Why these two should be bros
J.D. Cuban / Tiger Woods Foundation via AP
J.D. Cuban / Tiger Woods Foundation via AP

Bubba Watson won the Hero World Challenge this weekend, making four birdies in seven holes during the fourth round, channeling his inner Tiger Woods. What a beautiful moment to talk about the similarities between these two golfers and their possible brewing bromance, that has a been a long time coming.

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Tiger Woods is known for winning tournaments. He had already won 14 majors by the time he was 32. This tournament was only Bubba’s 9th win worldwide. But then again Tiger is hard to compare to when it comes to taking home trophies. The way that these two top players relate when it comes to winning is how they got there along the way. Both players don’t have very positive attitudes when it comes to playing in tournaments. There’s always something to complain about, whether that’s a muddy ball or a bad shot that spurs a tantrum or some major curse words. I bet these guys could talk for hours about how the media can go f*ck themselves and should just let them play golf. They both play up the facade that they don’t care what anyone thinks of them, which i’m sure they do, but they remain cocky and self absorbed.

“I want my name to be close to that leaderboard every tournament, every year, so people are always talking about Bubba Watson, about how consistent he is and good he is,” Watson said after the tournament. “That’s my whole focus right now, every year getting better and better.”

These two deserve each other.

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Bubba Watson has a saving grace when it comes to his family. He wasn’t even going to make it to this tournament because his little girl didn’t have a passport and he didn’t want to travel without his kids or his wife. It ended up that Jason Day had to drop out and in the end Bubba’s wife was able to get passports for everyone and make the travel arrangements.

It’s been a while since Tiger’s sex scandal and it seems as though he has really grown to appreciate his family, but maybe Tiger could still learn a bit from Bubba in ways to treat your wife and kids. I can picture these two laying in their beds, talking on the phone like preteen girls, gossiping about what funny thing their kid did that day. Family appreciation shows a softer side to these two players, who normally have a tough exterior on the golf course.



Whether these two actually have a bromance or not, I think they should definitely start one. Watson can keep climbing the charts of the top players in the world, clinching the No. 4 spot after this tournament, and Tiger can live vicariously through him. Watson learned a lot from Tiger by watching him play all these years and it seems like it’s paying off.

They could practice throwing clubs together, cursing at the golf ball, and treating their caddies like sh*t. Sounds like a match made in heaven. One can only hope their friendship could grow into a future “guy love” type of relationship.