WATCH: SKT Faker Unleashes His Godlike Teemo On Korean Solo Queue

Since switching from streaming platform Azubu to Twitch, SK Telecom T1’s competitive roster have been delighting League of Legends’ western audience. Unsurprisingly, no member of the World Championship winning squad has amassed larger viewership figures than Mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. After multiple donations from his adoring viewers, upon request Faker unleashed his Teemo on solo queue, much to the delight of teammate Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, playing on the opposite team.

Best known as the champion with the closest resemblance to Satan himself, Teemo is one of the most frustrating champions to face on the rift – he can also be one of the weakest as the game develops. The quality of the Korean League of Legends server is unrivalled, with pro’s from across the world making an annual pilgrimage to the region to hone their skills.

For Faker, who trains by playing up to 8 hours of solo queue a day, the games provide an opportunity to play nearly every champion in the game – he can make even Teemo seem like a viable competitive pick! Despite suffering from some early enemy pressure, Faker soon became one with the satanical champion:

“Ah why again?” (Huni teleports into lane on Twisted Fate)

“You wanna die? Oh…You wanna die!?”

“You wanna die? YOU WANNA DIE!?”

[Laughs maniacally]

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

After making Huni regret his decision to gank the Mid laner, Faker embraces the power of Teemo – killing his lane opponent once more without firing a single shot.

The perfectly timed zoom and sly grin highlights everything there is to love about Faker’s Twitch stream…

With the enemy Quinn clearly on full tilt, Faker adds insult to injury: chasing his opponent down the lane, flashing to finish the kill with style:

Ultimately Faker’s heroics on one of League of Legends’ most despised champions counted for nothing, surrendering the game to the enemy shortly afterwards. The thousands of viewers watching live had been provided with a real treat regardless.

Faker Reveals His Next Champion Choice For SKT’s World Championship Skins:



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