MLG Deserve To Host The Next CS:GO Major

Chris Hills

Valve have kept predictably schtum about when and where the next CS:GO major will take place, though it remains a prominent question on the minds’ of the community – hopefully MLG are similarly on Valve’s mind.

Following the conclusion of the dramatic ELeague Major in Atlanta, Valve are yet to utter a whisper about the next major, not a word about where or when it will take place. And nothing since they made the changes to the map pool which saw Dust II replaced with the newly reworked Inferno. However, this must be on the minds of those in the community as well as those at Valve themselves.


Last year, the long-standing tradition of having three majors a year was broken. CS:GO fans were only treated to two majors in 2016: the first was MLG Columbus 2016 in March and the second was ESL One Cologne in July. Instead of a third major in the autumn, Valve announced that the next major would be in January of the following year.

This surprised many, and brought about the question of the major format as a whole. If Valve have decided on just two majors per year, where and when is the next (and presumably final) event going to take place?

MLG Columbus 2016 was the first major to take place in North America and was undoubtably one of the best – if for no other reason than the crowd. These people helped reaffirm why CS:GO is one of the best spectator eSports; the crowd’s reaction to Coldzera’s (lucky) 4k AWP round was unforgettable:

On this basis alone, MLG deserve to host the next major. The attracted crowd and crisp production values launched the tournament through the roof; Columbus was MLG’s second CS:GO event and they categorically nailed it.

Cologne is always epic, and last year’s major in Germany boasted record attendance numbers but MLG proved themselves to know how to run a solid CS:GO major. If the community are to be limited to just two CS:GO majors, let one of them be an MLG tournament.


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