Is Bubba Watson Threatening To Retire?

  • Bubba Watson vows to quit if he becomes world #1
  • He says he will retire after 10 PGA Tour wins
  • Watson is #4 in the world and has eight PGA Tour wins


Bubba Watson is a man known for being dramatic, but please, this is pure attention seeking blabber coming from the left-handed #4 in the world.

Watson suggested after the Hero World Challenge that if he ever became World #1 that he would retire right there and then.

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This is not the first time we’ve heard Watson threaten the golfing scene with quitting. He said earlier that when he wins 10 PGA Tour titles that he will quit. He reminds us of this at his victory press conference.

“Ten U.S. victories,” a smiling Watson countered in his victory news conference. “I don’t count this as a PGA Tour victory. It counts as a victory. It’s very big for my career personally, but I don’t see it as 10 … I still need two more.

“But I will give you this, though. If I ever become No. 1 in the world, I’m walking away. I’m going to walk away on top. But let’s be honest, nobody here’s voting on that, right? Everybody thinks I’m not going to do that.”

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He’s definitely giving the top players a run for their money. Watson already has two green jackets, which is only one behind Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. We’ll see if Watson can keep this up for the 2016 season that is right around the corner.


Will he keep his promise of retiring after ten U.S. wins? Seems like he’s pretty adamant about it, especially since he reminds us of it every chance he can. Will he rise to the #1 spot in the world? At #4 he is making everyone sweat with this prospect. Is Bubba bluffing? We could see a blank space on the score boards, where Bubba Watson’s name used to be, in the near future.