Donald Trump’s Remark About Muslims Will Hurt His Golf Empire

  • Trump organization manages a development on the outskirts of  Dubai.
  • Donald Trump’s remarks about Muslims will make business hard in the United Arab Emirates.

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Comments made by Donald Trump earlier this week have caused quite a stir. The presidential hopeful called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” No doubt a few people will whinge that we take issue with such comments,  and who cares? Even ultra conservatives can’t fathom an America where religious freedom is no longer an acknowledged tenant of daily life.

Paul Ryan just waded into the debate and stressed the unconstitutional nature of Trump’s position.

Trump’s operations have been reassured for the time being.“We would like to stress that our agreement is with the Trump Organization as one of the premium golf course operators in the world and as such we would not comment further on Mr Trump’s personal or political agenda, nor comment on the internal American political debate scene,” said Niall McLoughlin, a senior vice president at Damac Properties.

The issue for Trump is that this view does not speak for the vast majority of clients for which his business interests will serve. Khalaf Al Habtoor, the chief of the Dubai-based construction firm, Habtoor, was less than impressed by Trump’s position.

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“My support for America’s front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was a mistake. Initially, I admired his outspokenness and his record of turning losses into wins. I believed – and still do – that America is lacking strong leadership. But when strength is partnered with ignorance and deceit, it produces a toxic mix threatening the United States and our world.”

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 I’m sure Trump won’t lose any sleep over the prospect of missed business in one of golf’s major hotspots, but his latest comments could signal a decisive turning point in how willingly people associate with his golf ventures.