Mark Wahlberg Is Allowed To Golf With Any Star, Anyplace, Anytime!

  • Mark Wahlberg is a well known golf addict with a handicap below 9.
  • The Hollywood star has no problem arranging rounds with some of the biggest names in golf.

So according to the world of social Markie Mark can literally play with any golfer he wishes. Here he is playing with Bubba watson who has obviously asked him to cover the logo on his shirt – the world we live in eh!

Mark Wahlberg has a range right next to his home and can be found hitting balls with his kids most days. The Bostonian was visiting Northern Ireland to promote his new film ‘Daddy’s Home’ and managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with Rory McIlroy.

“I had a bite to eat with Rory on Sunday and I was like, ‘Dude, I need to come back, play golf and just hang out and see the sights,'” he said.

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Rory obviously made a good impression as Wahlberg seemed pretty pleased with their little get together. “He gave me a new driver, which was great, I just can’t wait to get to a golf course or a driving range and try it out.” The two clearly found time for a couple of beers with Mark making a small confession,  “I love Guinness – I always have. I’ve loved it since I was in college.”

I would place a wager (or wouldn’t) that Wahlberger is pretty wily on the links. I’m sure that handicap wins him a few dollars to add to his enormous fortune.