The Best Moments In Golf Represented By Family Guy

Family Guy is one of those shows that turns simple situations into comedic genius. 

Take golf for example. They may push the limits with their jokes sometimes, but they completely nail it on the head when it comes to certain moments that occur on the golf course.

Like Louis (a non golfer) calling out Peter for hitting his ball into the water. This game is fun, right guys?


That one guy who has anger issues and makes sure everyone follows the rules to a T. Hey, you can play the game however you’d like, but don’t be a dick to everyone else. 


When Family Guy went a little too far, but you know, the Scottish did invent golf.


At least they include female golfers in their bits.


People may not like the way golf is being represented in some of these clips but just the fact that golf is being made fun of on a hit TV show means that it’s relevant. And let’s be honest here, the first two situations are completely accurate to what actually happens on the golf course. You hit a few balls into water hazards and curse words are just a part of the game. Let’s hope there are more episodes of Family Guy that include golfers in the future.

Now, I think it’s time to go to the 19th hole and have a sexy party, don’t you?