Something Strange Is Going On Between Luke Donald And Michael Jordan

  • Former world number one Luke Donald is spending increasing amounts of time with NBA legend Michael Jordan.
  • Luke Donald fans pray to God that Jordan won’t have the same effect he had on Tiger Woods.
  • If a Luke Donald scandal erupts in the next 2 years, I’m going to blame Michael Jordan.


Approaching 40 can do funny things to men, and that couldn’t have been more evident when golf’s nice boy Luke Donald announced to the world that he spent his 38th birthday with wife Diane and bizarre friend Michael Jordan. While Donald and Jordan have ties to Chicago, no one knew that these two unlikely men would one day become friends.

Donald – the notoriously well-mannered Brit – released this horrifying picture to his fans yesterday with  the notorious philanderer Michael Jordan.

luke donald_michael jordan

“Our desire to be great is similar. He shows his much more outwardly. Mine burns a lot deeper and I keep it to myself,” said Donald.

Michael Jordan has never been a saint. As his fame grew throughout the 90’s, so did the length of his… ego. Jordan spun out of control and it became impossible for the Bulls or the NBA to control him. With multiple affairs reported as well as a serious gambling issue, Jordan was known as a first-class asshole.

At his prime, nobody could touch Jordan. They simply could not afford to. He fed more money than sense into corporations such as Nike, Chevy, and the NBA to name just a few.

Jordan introduced Woods to a dark side that would ultimately undo the world’s greatest ever golfer. He assured Woods that with his level of fame, he too was untouchable and the media would dare not speak of Woods’ affairs. Little did Jordan know that media – and social media for that matter – had evolved since his heyday. And so the end of Tiger Woods’ career happened.

If the same fate happens to Luke Donald – one of the last gentlemen on TOUR – I will personally wrap a golf club around Jordan’s neck.