David Feherty Reveals He Took A LOT Of Drugs

  • Golf announcer Feherty took 30-40 Vicodin each day with two and half bottles of whiskey. 
  • Cocaine and marijuana were part of his routine drug abuse 
  • Feherty asks himself: “Why am I alive?” 

david feherty

Golf rebel and anti-hero David Feherty revealed his drug addiction to Rolling Stone magazine in one of golf’s most  poignant interviews of recent times.

Having left CBS after 19 years as a golf commentator, Feherty recently joined NBC sports prior to giving the all-revealing interview.

“A typical day was 30-40 Vicodin and two and a half bottles of whiskey…real whiskey. Whiskey with an ‘e.’ There was cocaine, there was dope. When I think about it now I’m like, ‘Why am I alive?'”, Feherty said. 

Feherty also recalled winning the Scottish Open in 1986 and celebrating by going on a two-day bender before getting addicted to painkillers, particularly Vicodin. During the interview, he discussed how American rivals Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus played important roles in his recovery, encouraging him to seek help at a rehab clinic.

It’s rare in golf that its players show vulnerability. In today’s modern game, agents groom players to be PR machines, with many fans criticising the lack of emotion among the top stars today. Feherty is that special exception and a refreshing reminder that when someone opens up to the public, they are received with open arms. Cough, cough, Tiger Woods.