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With many of League of Legends competitive regions taking a domestic break to enjoy the high production value of the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, it seems entirely appropriate to examine the state of League of Legends as a whole. Understanding the critical importance of unfounded Global Power Rankings, we surveyed our panel of experts to determine who the contenders are for the World Championship at this point in the season.

Pointless power rankings are the bread and butter of eSports journalism, conveniently collaborated and circulated during lulls in domestic competition. Though international tournaments provide the only genuine opportunity to compare teams from different regions, inevitably in the build up to the event, analysts will gather around a desk and attempt to validate their opinion that Europe’s G2 eSports are World Championship contenders:

“I had G2 predicted for 3rd place overall at MSI and I feel like they’ve only improved their roster since then.

“I think they are taking Worlds very seriously this year and Zven and Mithy have the international experience to make it work.

“No more vacation memes, I think G2 is going to take 2nd in Group A.”

Joshua “Jatt” Leesman, Pre-Worlds predictions

Source: lolesports

Well we all know how that panned out. ESPN eSports actually ranked G2 eSports as 6th favourites to win the entire tournament… Team SoloMid were ranked 4th, just a single place behind comfortable victors SK Telecom T1. Given the inane nature of unfounded international power rankings, we thought we may as well give it a shot.

While many of the names may be familiar, there are always bound to be a few surprises in the rankings – hell, it wouldn’t be a power ranking without at least one team being grossly overrated. So without further ado…

CLICKON eSports Totally-Legit Global Power Rankings Top 10:

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