The Question About Female Golfers Everyone Wants To Know The Answer To

Do boobs get in the way of a woman’s golf swing?

Walter Iooss Jr. for Golf Digest.
Walter Iooss Jr. for Golf Digest.

There has been some speculation about whether breasts are in fact inhibiting female golfers and their swings. Greek folktales spun the myth that a race of all-female Amazons lopped off the right breast in order to throw spears and shoot arrows more efficiently. Centuries later, in 1995, CBS golf analyst Ben Wright controversially told a newspaper that “women are handicapped by having boobs. It’s not easy for them to keep their left arm straight. Their boobs get in the way.”

Every woman has a different situation going on between the shoulders, from size to shape, but it’s the larger sets that have the most issues. Large breasts have been known to cause back and neck pain, trouble breathing, migraines, and even stress and low self esteem.

This is just something our male counterparts never have to think about (unless their thinking about us). The struggle is real with this one; how do woman overcome an obstacle that is permanently attached to their chests.


There have been golf coaches that address this issue, like player-gone-coach, Kellie Stenzel. She teaches them to shift their posture forward so their swing clears the top of their breasts; the bigger the chest, the deeper the lean. “These women have a real feeling of relief, like, ‘Nobody ever told me that before,'” Stenzel says, adding that despite Wright’s claims, she’s never seen a chest she couldn’t coach into cooperation.

Caitlyn Jenner on the other hand, has said that her new breasts have improved her short game.

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With any set back, women always find a way to overcome them, and use them in a way that actually improves their situation. Golf Digest covers with bikini clad golfers fly off shelves, and like Caitlyn Jenner, our puppies can have positive impacts to our golf games. Granted our breasts should not be on trial for our golf games, the focus should be on the game itself. We, as a sport, need to find ways to incorporate woman’s golf into the “popularity page”, other than showing off our assets. So the real question is: why do our breasts matter so much?

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Breasts are a symbol of power; they sustain life for gods sake. If John Daly can wrap his arms around his huge gut, we can perform with any sized breasts mother nature throws at us.