These Golf Shots Epitomize Not Being Able To Finish

Hey, some guys have this issue, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just something that happens.

In the golf world, the equivalent of “not being able to finish”, is the classic “lip out”. When your shot is so close to going in, and literally touches the rim of the hole, but decides to tell you to go f*ck yourself instead. In this case, the tip does not count. It’s one of the worst parts of the game, and I have a inkling that guys can kind of relate to that feeling in bed (lol at whisky dick).

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Anyways, here are the worst lip outs the internet has to offer.

1. Tiger’s double lip out that makes you want to cry.

2. Bill Murray lipping out and then using the classic hand putter.

3. Adam Scott’s horseshoe lip out is just rude (notice Rickie’s awful mustache).

4. This is just cruel and unusual punishment.

5. Robbed. (At least he has his beer)

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