Remember When This Guy Holed Out To Win $1,000,000?

  • The odds of getting a hole-in-one are around 1-12,500 for an amateur golfer.
  • Douge Wilson was playing at the ‘Outback Fundraiser’ when he had the opportunity to hole out for $1 million.

Ok so this isn’t exactly a hole-in-one but the odds still apply. How many rounds of golf have you played? A pointless 5 minutes of arithmetic later and I reckon i’ve played 1000 rounds. Now if the dude who gets upset when we don’t blow smoke up Bubba Watson’s ass is anything to go by, that’s a lot of golf for someone who can’t break 106.

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I haven’t lost my hole-in-one cherry and it’s deeply saddening. I have, however, managed to hole out from a similar distance to this guy. Here’s the problem, my then girlfriend was the only one watching and the magnitude of hitting a 1.6 inch diameter ball into a hole situated 150 yards up a hill was totally lost on her. Hence the ‘then’.

Douge Wilson was playing in a round when he had one chance to shoot for $1 million, the rest is history.

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P.S. I occasionally break 106, when I cheat.