Rory McIlroy Just Nailed The Legendary Washing Machine Trick Shot, AGAIN!

  • Rory McIlroy appeared on television at the age of 8 and was asked to chip balls into a washing machine.
  • The Northern Irishman recreated the shot at an event for The Paddy Wallace fund for Autism Christmas ball.

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Since the age of 8 Rory has been making us watch in astonishment at his unbelievable talent. He appeared on the Gerry Kelly show just days after winning the under-10 World Championship in Florida and it was pretty clear to everyone in the audience that the lad with a cheeky smile was going places.

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Last night Rory attended the Paddy Wallace Fund for Autism Christmas Ball in Belfast and he was challenged to recreate the shot he’d been asked to recreate all those years ago. So he was recreating a recreation, that’s some real inception shit, except this time it wasn’t pointless, complicated or overrated.

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This isn’t the first time Rory’s history with washing machines has been used for some entertaining content. It’s difficult to imagine he does much of his own washing if you consider what he’s reportedly worth.