Meet The 12-Year-Old Golf-Rapper Social Media Sensation

  • Matty Du Plessis is originally from Cape Town and hopes to one day shoot 18 under.
  • His social following has been growing rapidly in recent months.
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Matty Du Plessis, Source: instagram

Meet Matty Du Plessis, he’s just 12-years-old and has a growing social presence with nearly 10,000 people admiring his skills on Instagram.

The young star aims to one day shoot a round of 18 under. That’s a very ambitious goal considering the vast majority of us struggle to break 80. But wait, Matty has already shot 64 and it’s because of his promising natural ability and consummate ease in front of  the camera that so many people are taking notice of this young kid.

When all you have left is to will it ln the cup. #IWill Hola @ ya boi ✌????️ ????: @thesportpod

A video posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on


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Posts like this are doing the rounds on Instagram.

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Like the Bryan Bros, Matty mixes his dedication to golf with awesome trick-shottery

#waterbottle episode 4: the flop wall Hola @ ya boi ✌????️

A video posted by Matty (@md_18undapar) on

Here’s his undeniably catchy rapping skills that help make him such an appealing content producer.