Rickie Fowler makes a bold claim about Tiger Woods that could very well be true

Sharon Wong

Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

  • Rickie Fowler names Tiger Woods the Father of Modern Golf
  • Golfers certainly are getting younger every year

A lot of people credit Tiger Woods with being a shining example for young minority golfers. But could he have fathered an entire generation of golfers, regardless of race or nationality? Rickie Fowler has just made the bold claim that the man who claims that Tiger Woods had nothing to do with his career is a liar.

“There’s no question that all the guys around my age and guys that are coming up… they’d be lying if they said they weren’t motivated by what Tiger was doing,” Fowler declared as a guest speaker at the Waste Management Phoenix Open Tee-Off Luncheon at the Camelback Inn, “One of the tournaments I remember most is him winning the 1997 Masters. I probably remember more shots from that than any other Masters… I just turned nine and that was right at the time when I was dreaming of playing on the PGA Tour. Most of the guys around my age, whether they’re a bit older or younger, he had the same effect on them.”


Though he’s the most outspoken about the Tiger Woods’ effect, Fowler may well be right about its prevalence in the PGA Community. Pro golfers seem to be getting younger and younger every generation, with Jordan Spieth bagging the world’s number 1 title at the tender age of 22 and 12-year old Matty du Plessis rearing to shoot 18 under. Thanks to Tiger, golf is no longer just an old white man’s sport.