These Gifts Are Exactly What The Pros Need This Holiday Season

Do you ever wish you could get someone something they needed desperately, but couldn’t actually give it to them? For example, you might wish to get your grandma 20 more years of life, or your best friend the man of her dreams.

These pro golfers need these gifts this holiday season:

Bubba Watson

This guy needs an attitude change. Lately all we’ve been hearing about is Bubba throwing tantrums or whining about something insignificant. Sure there’s a level of competitiveness that every athlete needs but Bubba needs to tone it down a bit, or he’s going to get coal in his stocking. Stop being a grinch Bubba, and learn to see the silver lining in every situation.


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Tiger Woods

I think we all wish we could give Tiger a new healthy back. Even Jack Nicklaus wants him to get back in the game and finish what he started. If only we could actually give this gift to him. He’s done so much for the game of golf, we should be able to give him something in return. Hopefully he knows how grateful we are.



 Rickie Fowler

There is this stigma around being single; your life is over if you don’t have a significant other. We could wish for Rickie to find another hot girlfriend, but why would we? He seems like he is having the time of his life golfing, promoting puma, and hanging out with his friends. A woman will find her way to him eventually. What we wish is for Rickie to have a super successful 2016! Let’s see some more major wins!!



Rory McIlroy

We want to give Rory some courage this holiday season. Courage to follow through with his engagement with Erica Stoll. His last one was very short lived, so we’re hoping we don’t see a pattern form with this Irishman. Wishing him the best of luck with his love life.


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Jordan Spieth

What is there that we can give this 22 year old that he doesn’t already have? He has been a stellar human being and shows us every day why he is #1 in the world right now. We want to give Jordan something special, and that would be an olympic gold medal. Jordan has gone on record to say that competing in the olympics is as important as winning a major. We’re hoping to see him in Brazil and win that gold for the USA.