The Best Ways To Scare The Sh*t Out Of Your Golf Partner

What better way to have fun on the golf course than to f*ck with your partner. Not everyone is a fan of pranks but those are usually the best people to pull them on. Here are the best ways to do so on the course:

The Shank App

Remember the goat that yells like a human? Well he’s back and he’s here to f*ck up your partners shot. Be wary though, this could cause backlash and either cost a club or a face.

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Sir Hissalot is a snake used to scare the sh*t out of golfers when they’re putting their clubs back in their cart. If you know someone who is terrified of reptiles, this is the perfect prank for you to pull.

I think homeboy is still staring down #Hissalot! @customgolfchips #tbt A video posted by ♛ Sir Hissalot ♛ (@hissalot) on


Exploding Golf Ball

This is the classic prank of replacing your partners golf ball with an exploding one. The key with this prank is the timing. You could replace the ball when they’re on a roll or replace is when they’re already playing sh*tty. Either way you’ll get a good reaction out of them.


If you’re not a golfer, but you want to f*ck with people on the driving range, you could always go on a trolling spree. You dress up like a golfer that came off the course because a ball just hit you in the face. You might give a few people heart attacks, but isn’t that the point of a prank?



Whichever one you decide to try, make sure you are far enough away from the angry people holding golf clubs. Those things can f*cking hurt. Have fun pranksters!