Wait, Jordan Spieth’s sharing a locker with who?!

Sharon Wong

Source: FOXsports.com

So Jordan Spieth made a pit stop at the Augusta National on his way to Florida to play golf with Jake Owen. As the world’s current No. 1 player, he really got the star treatment. In addition to being waited on hand and foot by staff, he also got to use the hallowed Champions Locker Room, which you’re only allowed access to if you have won a green jacket. Of course, that was no issue at all for Mr. Spieth and like everyone else admitted into the Locker Room, he got to share a locker with a Masters Champion from a different era. He was completely bowled over when he found out exactly which champion he was locker mates with.

“I walked up to see who I was with and I share a locker with Arnold Palmer. So it was a very special moment there,” Spieth announced, elated.

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Sharing personal space with the big names isn’t the only thing Spieth likes about Augusta though. Some of its perks are quite sentimental in nature.

“It’s just a special place. It was such a special place for my parents to watch what has happened these last couple of years, and then to be my favorite place in the world, and to share that with my dad, and him to know that, it’s really cool.”

After a year of successes, including five victories, two major championships and the Player of the Year Honor, Jordan Spieth is ready to put his feet up for a bit. At least, he will be until early January, when he’ll be training for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Maui. Until then, he has plenty of time to bump into his auspicious locker mate at Augusta.

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