PGA Tour Player Decides To Fill His Instagram Page With Despicable Images

  • John Peterson is a 26-year-old professional from Fort Worth, Texas.
  • His Instagram page has become a mouthpiece for baseless political posturing.

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Source, John Peterson: Instagram

An important intro to this article:
As a Brit it really is impossible for me to fully understand the sensitive political issues that divide public opinion in America. You have a constitution that outlines the core tenants of social life, my country has a complicated cobweb of legal statutes that encourage differences in interpretation and usage. Where you have a codified document that champions absolute transparency, we have an incomprehensible collection of unwritten ‘guidelines’ developed over centuries.

I’m not saying either system is better or worse, they’re just totally different. When you consider the constitution has been amended 27 times whereas our ‘unwritten’ constitution is chaotically redefined almost daily, you start to see the differences that define public life for each set of citizens. It’s basically a question of clarity versus adaptability, consistency versus elasticity.

So when I comment on parts of the constitution that mean very little to me, it’s because I lack empathy with a system I haven’t grown up with. I’m not insulting or grandstanding, i’m just stating that your rightfully cherished constitution is a far cry from anything  i’m used to. I genuinely see truth in the argument that “i’m not an American so I can’t be expected to understand.” It’s a very fair point and I accept it.

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Source, John Peterson: Instagram

John Peterson is a very good golfer. He’s 346th in the world and after a few successfull seasons on the Tour is looking to make an impression on the biggest stage of all, though you wouldn’t guess any of this from his Instagram page.

Peterson is a Texan conservative who cherishes his constitutional freedom to own a gun and that’s fine by me! The problem with John is his Instagram page peppers you with ignorance. It’s a bit like someone shooting a M4 Carbine at you with a magazine full of stupidity.

A photo posted by John Peterson (@jpetepga) on

Can anyone actually look in the mirror and say they agree with this comment? There is something deeply ironic about this photo, take the limply flying confederate flag in the top left for example. To see it alongside a statement about groups who have NEVER gone through sustained persecution in America is deeply ignorant. The ‘faggot’ remarks that litter the comments section tell you all you need to know about the people who support this guy.

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Source, John Peterson: Instagram

Say what you like about Obama, I personally think his presidency will be defined by – not that it’s totally his fault – indecision and a lack of appropriate leadership. However, when you misquote someone for the sake of political posturing you are committing the ultimate fraud. By taking Obama’s quote out of context John completely ignores the president’s sentiment; an impassioned defence of a group who might be persecuted if “the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

A photo posted by John Peterson (@jpetepga) on

I won’t go into the details regarding the two atrocities but a bit of reading will tell you that the San Bernardino shooting and the Curtis Culwell Center attacks are in no way, shape or form comparable. San Bernardino was an unexpected attack at a centre for people with developmental disabilities whereas the police were expecting the planned attack in Garland, Texas. That’s not taking anything away from the incredibly brave actions of an unidentified police officer but it tells you Peterson is as callous as he is stupid for suggesting gun control affected the outcome of either incident.

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John Peterson has every right to call the shots on his Instagram page and luckily for us we can just unfollow. He provides a perfect example of social media’s function as a mouthpiece for uninformed and corrosive discourse. John’s number one message is that he should be allowed to ‘tell it like it is.’ I have plenty of conservative friends who would shudder at the thought of a golfer sharing such fatuous content like it’s no big deal. As John improves as a player – and i’m sure he will – he may grow to realise that he’s responsible for his actions and the potential damage they can cause to his impressionable audience who view his baseless memes as gospel.