The Truth (And More) Behind “That” Tiger Woods Commercial

Those involved in the production of some of Nike’s most memorable commercials talk us through their creations.

Here is an interesting take on some of the classic content Nike produced when Tiger was at his pomp.

Watch out for the ‘shock and awe’ factor of Tiger’s skills and how laughable it was to suggest “that no other human could do this”. If anything this shows you how much of an innovator Tiger was and how easily he could be used to fulfill the whims of Nike’s marketers. As we all know a bit of high quality golf ball juggling can be found all over Instagram.

It must have been one of the easiest jobs in advertising to come up with content ideas for him to execute. When in the history of EA Sports trolling has the person ever been held accountable for their keyboard warrior gripe?

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They did occasionally get it wrong. The prediction that Anthony kim would provide Tiger’s future opposition hasn’t proved to be very accurate, where is that guy btw?

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