Pro Golfers Have Been Going Crazy For Star Wars

  • The Force Awakens will have its world premiere in LA on Thursday.
  • Some players have been posting pictures showing their excitement about the highly anticipated movie.

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This is without question the biggest film of 2015. For many of us the indelible stain left by Hayden Christensen’s acting efforts is in need of some serious redemption and that looks to have happened if early reviews are anything to go by. There has been an embargo on critics commenting but early suggestions look positive. Adam B Vary, senior film reporter for Buzzfeed, tweeted: “Rest easy: The Force Awakens is 100% StarWars”, while Rebecca Keegan, wrote: “Story, characters, design, humour – StarWars fans, this is the movie you’re looking for.” 


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We already know Hunter Mahan has one of the greatest names in golf. In the context of Star Wars he could easily be Han Solo’s nephew helping his uncle on the Millennium Falcon during the summer vacation.

Just remember, StormTroopers are people too. #starwars

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Not that we needed anymore reasons to think Jimmy Walker was a massive Star Wars fan after he posted this image of himself playing with his new light sabers.

May the toast be with You!!!!!! #yourjealous

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This Star Wars parody of Jordan Spieth is spot on. I think we could all agree he would be Luke Skywalker.