Watch: The New Trick Shot Squad You Need To Check Out!

  • The Sweet Spot Squad are making some quality content.
  • The boys from Canada bring their Ice Hockey background to their trickery.

My experience of French Canadians was brief but memorable, lost in Montreal I took an incredibly hostile taxi journey to a corner of the city miles from my non-obscure destination. So when I stumbled across Frédérik, Jean-Maxime, Francis, Olivier, Marc-André, Frédéric, Hugo and Patrick, I was weak and let that one exception affect my judgement of these lads. The chip was quickly removed from my shoulder as I couldn’t help but feed off their charismatic video posts.

John Deere and golf is a winning formula for a lot of fans. Keep your eye on the ballsy driver!

The modern Happy Gilmore???? #sweetspotsquad #Golf #trickshots

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You had my curiosity Sweet Spot Squad, and then you went and smashed plates, ok, you have my attention!

????#TrickShotTuesday #sweetspotsquad #slowmo

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These boys know how to have fun…

On top of everything else they’re pretty useful at Hockey…

Check out their golf trick shot video in full.