WATCH: Why throwing your golf club might be the worst idea you’ve had

Sharon Wong
  • Throwing a golf club into a lake may seem like the only reaction to a missed putt, and you might be right.
  • However, cleanup is never quite as romantic. 

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Flinging a golf club into the distance is quite a marvelous thing to witness. It’s a flashy, dramatic finishing move that frustrated PGA players and gif lovers can’t seem to get enough of. Even such greats as John Daly and Rory McIlroy aren’t immune to its cathartic appeal.

John Daly’s pants add to the spectacle

Rory McIlroy just relies on those Olympian throwing skills to do the talking for him.

But once the fun is over, there is always the cleanup and it does get messy. Yes, we will bring you firsthand footage of what you, your caddie or your unfortunate cleanup crew might have to deal with after you give in to that fit of pique. And well, let’s just say the reality of the aftermath doesn’t come close to the majesty of a club soaring into a water hazard as an emblem of righteous fury.

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