The First Ryder Cup Troll Is Here, Let The Games Begin!

  • Ex-captain Paul McGinley says US expectations have put pressure on American team.
  • Comments come as the build up for Minnesota starts.

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It’s finally here! The first pointless pre-game psyche-out and it’s come from ex-captain and Ryder Cup veteran, Paul McGinley.

“I think the Americans are under massive pressure,” said the Irishman. There’s a lot of expectation because they’ve made a lot of decisions they think are going to guarantee their success,”  the former player making reference to the emphasis Team USA have placed on their Vice-captain picks.

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“You travel around America and everyone there thinks this will be a walkover for them. But playing with expectation on your shoulders is a difficult position to be in – because you’ve nowhere to go from there,” a truthful observation if you consider the superior form of American golfers this year.

The best part of the interview with the Daily Mail came as Paul described a dinner he had with Jack Nicklaus and his son Gary. The 18-time major winner gave a fascinating response when asked about his toughest competitor.

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“So I asked him the big question, he thought about it for five minutes, eventually looked at Gary and said: “I haven’t even admitted this to your mother, but my toughest competitor was Lee Trevino.'”

“And I’ll tell you why. Every Tuesday at a Major championship, Lee Trevino would walk into the press tent and all he’d do during his whole press conference was tell everybody how great a player Jack Nicklaus is. How I could hit a two iron higher than Lee could hit a sand wedge.”

“I’ve never admitted this to anybody but, every time I went head-to-head, he was the only guy who had a winning ratio against me. Because he’d cornered me. I had nowhere to go”.

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McGinley appears to genuinely believe what he says. “I’ve always remembered that and now I look at the Americans and they are expected to win. That’s a very uncomfortable position to be in. It’s certainly a dynamic we can take advantage of.”

All we can say is your move America!